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Sweet Spy (달콤한 스피이)

Sweet Spy (달콤한 스파이) is  a romantic comedy set in the world of police officers and international spies.  It follows Lee Soon-ae (Nam Sang-mi 남 상 미) a recently widowed police officer with an over developed sense of justice, who crosses paths with  Han Yoo-il (Dennis Oh 데니스 오), an undercover agent, during a seemingly routine traffic stop. Yoo-il is in possession of …

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2 Outs, Bottom of the 9th Inning (9회말 2아웃)

2 Outs, Bottom of the 9th Inning (9회말 2아웃) is a show, not about  baseball but taking chances and living your life to the fullest.  Hong Nan-hee (Park Soo Ae 박수애) is newly 30 and unmarried.  She lives with her mother (who constantly nags her), her sister, and her brother-in-law.  An aspiring writer, Nan-hee spends her …

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Freeze (프리즈)

The five episode mini-drama, Freeze (프리즈) follows the intertwining stories of Baek Joon-won (Lee Seo-jin 이서진), a three hundred and fifty year old vampire as he struggles to come to terms with his immortality, Kim Ji-woo (Park Han-Byul 박한별), the daughter of the woman he loved and lost, and Lee E-hwa (Son Tae- Young 손태영), …

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