Six Degrees of Seperation (Korean Drama Style) Results

So there were two different ways to link bae soo bin 6  Bae Soo-bin to  Ryu_Shi_Won  Ryu Si-won:

1) Bae Soon-bin starred in “Temptation of an Angel” which also starred Hong Soo-hyun. Hong Soo-hyun also starred in “Goodbye Wife” along side Ryu Si-won. Thank you to cynkdf for making this connection!

2) Bae Soo-bin starred in Jumong which also starred Han Hye-jin. Han Hye-jin also had a part in the series Romance, which starred Kim Ha-neul. Kim Ha-neul also starred in Secret along side Ryu Si-won.

Thanks for playing and stayed tuned for Round 2 of Six Degrees of Separation (Korean Drama Style)!



  1. 최다해 gongjumonica

    Bae Soon-bin looks handsome! *swoon*

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