Six Degrees of Separation (Korean Drama Style)

Lets see how good you are!!  

Connect Bae Soo-bin (배수빈)

bae soo bin 6


Ryu Si Won(류시원)



1) Using six moves or less, connect the actors via television or movie role

2) Do not use the internet to find the answers

3) Have fun!

Post your answer in the comment section



  1. cynkdf

    Sara, many thanks for the interesting link. I’d heard about this game many years ago but forgot how to play it. Bae Soo Bin is the only actor I am obsessed with hence it was relatively easy to get the answer right this time. Now I am going to try to find out if I can link BSB to Kevin Bacon 🙂

  2. cynkdf

    Interesting game. Not 100% sure how to play this, though … Bae Soo Bin costarred with Hong Soo Hyun in “Temptation of an Angel” and Hong Soo Hyun co-starred with Ryu Siwon in “Goodbye Wife”.

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